Wow, my first comment and it was spam.
But the simple captcha system worked for nearly 3 years.
Anyway I'm disabling comments altogether, they're overrated anyway.
Oh hey there. Here's a tip: Paying up-front several years for a website (to get a discount) isn't such a good idea when you're not entirely sure of what you want. Anyway, check, it's a lot more active.
It's been a while. I've been learning a lot but I chose to focus on a single project, namely, the evolution of Excalibur (this website). I'll leave that discussion for later though, it deserves a blog-post.
Entered the FloppyJam. The objective is to make a game under 1.44 MiB.
Perfect to try Jerboa. You can find it here.
Made two new games in contests (Mini Jam and Godot Jam).
I've been working on updating this website so I'm busy as always.
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